She knows how to shoot, hunt, trap and fish
and can cook anything you can peel off the hiway...anything you can peel off the highway so well that not only would you be glad to be eating it, you’d ask for more.
“My squirrel fricassee won the grand prize at the Dickinson County Fair and my snapping turtle stew has been known to
make cowpokes cry and beg me to marry ‘em,” Lindy
Loo blushes modestly, “but my heart belongs to
Chicky Wicky.”
Chicky Wicky, her boyfriend and manager, has been
guiding her career ever since he saw her singing at a
greased pig contest and was so impressed that, “Not
only did she catch the pig but she never dropped a note
of her honky tonk melody neither. I knew with talent
like that she was a goin’ places so I had her singing at
a chicken fight the very next week.”
Known for her flowered straw hat and her optimistic attitude, “Every morning I get up, turn on the faucet and water comes out – I’ve all ready had a great day!”